About Us

What is myMark.me?

myMark.me is an Online Bookmark Manager and Start Page. It allows you to organize all your favorite bookmarks, Notes, To-do lists, and RSS feeds in one place. You can use it for Sticky Notes boards, as an RSS feed reader, to do List manager or an all-in-one dashboard. It will auto-sync with all your devices and browsers. You can also add widgets like Quote of the Day, Online Clock, etc.


Why should I make myMark.me my Start Page / Home page or New Tab page?

  • Quickly access all your bookmarks, notes, and other widgets
  • Increase productivity by keeping all of your bookmarks in one place.
  • Organize bookmarks by categories like work, home, or whatever you need.
  • Choose your own search engine.
  • Add bookmarks on one device and instantly see them everywhere.
  • myMark.me servers are global so you get faster responses.
  • 100% secure with encrypted data between your browser and myMark.me.

What will myMark.me do for me?

  • Manage all your bookmarks using visual icons for the website. You can make your internet experience easier by breaking your bookmarks into categories.
  • See your to-do list everywhere and add lists to your devices instantly.
  • Place sticky notes on your homepage to keep track of your home and work life easily.
  • There are even inspirational quotes from around the world to keep you motivated and grounded!

Can I use myMark.me without setting my Homepage/Start Page?

Yes, you can use myMark.me without setting the Start Page or New Tab page. It is browser and OS independent. We also have a bookmarklet toolbar button to quickly add a bookmark in myMark.me. It will work with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera.


How does myMark.me work?

It’s simple. Go to myMark.me and create an account. Download a browser extension to set myMark.me as your homepage or you can use myMark.me without the extension. We have extensions for all major browsers.?

That’s it. Now you can take advantage of all the functions that have been created to make your life easier and less stressful.


Who are we?

myMark.me is an independent, privately held company based in Anaheim, California USA. We use cloud-based hosting services to host all your data. We use HTTPS protocol and Cloudflare Cloud-based Comprehensive Security Solutions. Your data is protected from hacking and is encrypted at all times.


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us If you have any questions or suggestions.