Simple and Smart way to organize all of your favorite bookmarks in One Best Home Page

Turn your browser into the ultimate Bookmark manager with

  • Customize Home page the way you want.
  • Add bookmarks and quickly access your favorite websites.
  • Organize bookmarks with beautiful icons and categories.
  • Add your important notes and find it when you need it.
  • Change background and font color that best suits you.
  • Find Website to add in category Or Create your own bookmark
  • Choose from hundreds of icons, or upload your own.

Organize bookmarks into Categories

  • Organize bookmarks that are in the same category like Shopping, News, Edu etc.
  • You can name that category whatever you want.
  • Use Drag and Drop feature to rearrange bookmark category.
  • You can also drag and drop individual bookmark to any other category.

Add Notes

  • Write notes, memos and messages.
  • Easy to find and organize all your important notes on one Home page
  • All notes are auto save to ensures you never lose note content and auto sync with all others devices.

Create Multiple Pages

  • Pages are collection of bookmark categories.
  • You can create different pages for home, Work, Study, hobby etc.
  • You can set any page as Homepage, Start page or New Tab Page.

All Browsers and OS

  • does not tie to any particular browser or Operating system.
  • It can work with all browsers and Operating system.

Auto Sync

  • can automatically Sync favorite bookmark with any device PC, tablets, laptop, Smartphone etc.
  • Log in to using your email or username and password you have entered during Sign Up. Once you log in, any changes you have made from any devices will immediately synchronize on all other devices via the internet

Safe and Secure

  • uses Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS), this will add security layer on your data. Your information will be encrypted while on transmit between your browser and
  • also use Sitelock Cloud-Based, Comprehensive Website Security Solutions to prevent any malware attack.

Browser Extensions

We offer browser extension to set home page or start page for all major browsers and it will also extend the functionality of your browser.
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